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As I looked outside throughout the window at my bedside
My thoughts were trying to deviate what my heart feels inside..

I checked my phone looking for anything unknown
I wished to skip and let my emotion lead to be blown

I entertain my soul to the melodies new to my ears
I smile though I know later my face will be wet by tears

Without words I know you can read my heart perfectly
By simply staring my eyes you know what I wished to say

Even in our distance I sense the warmth of your breath
And simply thinking on you made my spirit wildly raise

Yet not now isn't  the right time to think much as before
Not now is the day to follow both our hearts once more

As we behave kindly for the welfare not for ours alone
Let's be enough grateful as for now we both share along

..the  eloquence of  the stars and the brightest moon..


This poem won Gold

enigmatic  emotion wrapped to my deepest core
winds of this bitter land to where I stood before
transformed into a blissful garden of a sweet  queen
after it was stormed, ravaged and befallen
dashing towards a path so narrow and vain
I kissed to the lovely trials and life's burden
I foresee the tender light from a smiling clouds
a tree of wisdom showers me the leaves of a falling life
I couldn't contain myself while I savour this magic
enjoying the gentle touch of the breeze on my soft skin
I dance with my graceful steps of delightful joy
I raise my hands to worship the smiling heaven
mused to my kind heart which endears so full
sufficed into every corner of my surprised soul


Collaboration with Poet Peter Heerings

If you jump,  I will catch you
If you die, I will too
If you run , I will follow
If you sleep, I will dream

When  you travel , please come closer
When you swim , swim to me
When you dive , just be careful
When you fall, fall in love
It had better be with me

Warm me in my dreams
Cool me in the morning
Kiss me in the afternoon
And be my lover of darkness
- Peter

You awakened  my heart in its slumber, it jumped onto yours
Im sure if i die it's because  you're killing me with your words
If i would run, never to be far but to make myself closer to yours
When I sleep I want to build dreams with you by my side

When I travel I will be landing
to the portal of your soul
I can't swim but I can be like a wave ebbing to the shore
I can't dive but I am sure your heart could teach me how
As you see me shimmering through the evening lights

I will come to you to taste how you entice me the sweetness of your love
For me  to see if I could take you…


A solace priceless night
speaks to the silent heavens
mingling the moonlit bright
where my broken heart mends
A portal of an angels as they wave themselves back
to the harmonious skies
contentment  hushed
to my unspoken tears
of an
indescribable gladness
as I have uttered the piece
to where my soul's whisper
indeed i am so lucky to watch
this incredible sceneries
adoring the evenings glamour
upon my challenging journey beneath that skies


In our blue midnight...

An old rose leaves
of this stunning tree
standing proudly
knowing with its
remarkable beauty
that reflects the
cool evening breeze
under the moonlight
gracing the amber
whisper of wind in
a crimson delight
of a blue evening skies
 manifesting the white
clouds unfolding
its artistic smile
in a perfect evening
that blends my heart
in a deep graciousness
with the fullest of gratitude
of this magical creation
A perfect night
scenery beholds
my eyes promulgated
the  awesomeness
of this world manifolding
vastness of God's
perfect craft .

I couldnt sleep
Yes.  couldnt I
until this perfect dawn
allows my hand to scribble
while watching the beauty
of my imagination as it manifested to the greatest depth of my soul..
to give a message is now
what my heart
is bursting..

We can be more
than the beauty
of this nature
upon having
the  wisdom
to explore our art. .
splashing  technique
colors into our  our lives our  blue midnight