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Thank you my beloved children...

I am so greatly happy on this mothers day
Your messages of love overwhelmed me
It’s like a sweet caress carried by a  gleeful breeze
A  whisper to my ears how much you all care

To my lovely sons and their pretty wives
I dream your love day by day will rise
Happy to see you all in peace and harmony
Nothing I could ask for more, it’s a glory

To my beautiful and smart daughter Shek
Thank you for making me proud and great
Do not  pressure much of yourself
God has prepared for you the best

To my young gentleman, my little King
Thanks for your sweet voice this morning
The fortune of yours is now kindly lingering
Just continue  to be  smart and be loving

To my wonderful and sweet angel in  heaven
Sushmita Rose is your beautiful name
I don’t know why my tears flow this very moment
I just miss you , thank you for greeting me in silent..

Helen Sarita