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Rain of June Showers to the Arena of my Heart...

My Ink wished to relish in Savoring its Silence and let my Heart Sings to each own Lovely and Beautiful Tone.

I felt my words flowing to me so less in a days that passed like that of a Summer Drought but I'll let it be Showered by the Rain of June.

Rain.. Rain.. Rain of early June
Kindly soothe to the Arena of my Heart to quench its thirst.. let me be in abundance of thoughts to share

Oh Yes!  Please let me..Soothe to the Core of my being and let me write the haphazard Thoughts  of my Ink, please help me Think how to Begin.

I will try to be in Symphony to touch many Souls in this cold evening , I couldnt sleep, my Spirit was yelling Allow me to get in and ask my Friends these kind sort of things..

Are you now Happy and Fine?
Are things Kind with you or they aren't going your Way? Don't be Dismayed as Life has to be that way..

You are only  being molded by Life and Buffed like a Gold to produce your own Shine.. You are living…