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Your words were music to my ears
Sweeter than a honey when it cares
When you were not here..I never nag
I did nothing... only just love

At times my heart was in doubt
My tears flowed caring about
I knew you were in somewhere
I felt you're happy where you were

You came as if nothing happened
You kissed me but why I was in pain
I felt your soul were not in here
I felt it was with somewhere out there

I just shrugged my shoulder speechless
To whine would just seems useless
It was a pain but i opted to remain
In my heart, if I quit I never win


As I celebrated my precious gift of life so simply
My heart jumps with so much joy, overwhelmed cheerfully
Every time I received a post of birthday greetings
I felt like one of the stars at the sky sharing their glitters
Having awesome friends from near and across the globe
I felt exquisitely sparkling, enchanting like a real gold
Incurring ample touching greetings on that lovely moment
I felt like having the essence of a beautiful flower scent
The heartfelt greetings from the people near to my heart
Give me the magic, moving, passionate more than a blast
Reading the messages from my friends following my journey
I felt like a lovely woman entrancing them affectionately
As they expressed their thoughtful messages sharing their light
I felt like a butterfly after the rain so refreshing giving insight
When they said they love the smile from my deepest heart
I felt like one of the grapes blooms in bounty in the vineyard
I’m grateful with this fantastic life I will cherish it without dismay
Its imperfectio…


A sweet smile of a dawn
And a sad bed now bloomed
Room was filled with delight
Tears of joy were crystal bright

Its genuine than the purest love
Bond with the blessings of God
The smudge had blown into no traces
All gotten rid in the name of forgiveness

Our imperfections turned into a kind magic
We pardon ourselves and sincerely forget
Vows in church are solid as it's twice blessed
We will be until the end of time as promised


Glorious blessing from heaven through the rain
Showers like joyful tears of a green mountain
Abundance of boasting trees and a wild birds
In the wilderness protecting our mother earth

Come lets us enjoy through the rain shower
It makes us safe here in below and wherever
Let me protect you from its friendly drift
Share my umbrella and lets relish this gift

Let us be the epitome of positive thinkers
Lets us bask how lovely the rain showers
It's the time to give warm and miss a friend
It reminisce memories with a smile blend in


I never whined carrying things on my shoulder
One day i relish the results nearly further
It increases my well being acquiring power
I not myself I portray love and an inquirer

I can answer queries with my own opinion
About deep feeling and a wild emotion
When I walk through the isle, it depicts
There is a breeze that engulfed lot of spirits

I am not me I am the spirit so sheeny
Wanting to conquer our wicked soul humbly
My body is much weaker am not in dismay
The power within me will shape it tenderly

A highest level of consciousness I illustrate
It is so far from my level but it is for reach
It depends on the mission if for me to be vested
I will ride the flow and never take it for granted

I am just grateful with my surround beyond measure
I loved, I learned, I stumbled but one thing is sure
I molded and shaped with the spirit in cosmic
They welcome me as I am bringing my sweet magic


Every stroke of my pen accustomed my heart
It smiles, it pains it creates a mystic art
It gathers heart mates on the beyond islands
It touches lot of silent souls weak and damn

Every line i made captured open minded being
It sparkles, it glistens and so do nurturing
It mingles soul mates in love and in despair
It wraps all the loving hearts full and vain

Every poem I made conquered passive thoughts
It lights,it whispers,it speaks,it shouts for toots
It shines in awe, it dispels doubts and dense
It hugs and kisses your souls empty and tense


A candid smile to a distant you
Stoned me hard in a harsh throw
I caught them all and never tilt
Firming the stand that I built

Gracious me wishing to touch
Our thorn needs to be patched
Let our souls dance and sing
Get rid the pride of our being

Let us relish these beauteous
We have a short time in joyous
I gaze up to You there in beg
Heal all those hearts in bleed


My treasure with the gift of life engrosses
Humbly riding its flow raises the brightness
I can vividly see ample candid hearts in the air
I can feel the care and their tap on my shoulder

Thankful with the magically in awe atmosphere
That surrounds my being with a silent care
I embrace the universe I dwell, in a vast
Grateful even my existence doesn’t last

A warmth share with you the joy that I feel
In my every second, I fathom and thrill
I thank the breeze keeps me on moving
Pushing back and fort like this flower swing


I wish to burst with too many untold emotions within
Sharing a lot my wondrous adventure, I long have been
The pureness of my heart and the weakness of my being
The sweats that I’ve exert,the harvest is now lingering

I wish to serve the content of my soul we all need to ponder
That I keep warm in my heart in bad times and in better
Life is not a smooth sailing journey, we stumble and fail
Yet it is a mystic gift full of teachings, I nurture and care

What an important role we play towards each other
Whom I am going to share with if you are not in here
Who will listen to my heart and who talk to mine as well
If we are not meant to meet in this world we used to dwell


A stroke of a pencil listens to the music of my heart
Gracefully dances on a paper depicting an art

Sharing different hues of deep lively emotions
Merging colors portray the wonders of my creation

My pencil sometimes needs to breathe for a rest
I gather words to express and share what's best

As my pencil parks I let my thoughts to wander
When its blunt, I have to look for a sharpener


Ambiance everywhere is such wonderfully awesome
Seen merely not only by eyes but by hearts beyond
Gifted creativeness is the main factor into where
The beauty of the atmosphere is well taken cared

Creativity, a gift heavenly showing His duplication
A Creator's science and the beauty of His perfection
Spreads into the universe after molding Adam and Eve
As they produced generations with this power to live

Gifted with wisdom with fantastic idea surfing
Enhancing the conservative world so modernizing
Being an heir of such a talent great and creative
Soul exuberant blooming raises our faith in active

Whether we are painter, a designer or a master
We could share His artistry of such love and care
Whether we are an artist, composer or a poet
Blending into His creativeness is such a soul treat


My spirit wanders at times when I'm alone
I want to tune in into my quiet throne
My thoughts start surfing the subject
Yet my mind would like to contradict

I wish to talk and touch about light
That flashes the darkness to bright
Or talk about sacrifices and downfalls
Where my tears stream like a clear falls

I love to talk about an immortal paradise
Where no more worries and obstacles arise
Just to listen the laughter of the angels
And dance with the sound of heavenly bells

I dream to talk about the mist of the ocean
The breezes that ceased and rushing beyond
The sound of a blaring wind that drifts my skin
And the whisper and smile of my heart that reign

I wish to talk about stars and the twilight
That blend my dreams to soar in a high flight
Joining with the birds singing on the trees top
Dancing with bliss that flows like a raindrop


When you came to wander my thoughts
There's an enigmatic thrill it brought
I saw you soaring the calm white cloud
I heard you, uttering my name aloud

Hearing my voice for just a moment
Oozed you with so much excitement
My smile flashed like a sunshine
Completed your lovely day and bind

As you held my hands you gripped them so tight
You wished not to lost me from your sight
We forgot everything while we were together
We heard nothing but only our hearts whisper

Your hug so tight has a millions of meaning
Said nothing yet I got what you wished to tell
Those were the greatness and power of its depth
Those were the gesture of love and its magic


If you were a bee and and I am a rose,

I would let you in when the gray wind blows

I would welcome you into my spirit so close

I would hold my petals wide apart,

I would let you in to find my heart,

If I were a rose..

If I am a bee and you were a rose,

I'm sure you will never let me go when I come to you

You will hold my love on your heart and let it grow

You will close your leaves and keep me fast

You will keep me until you breathe last

If you were a rose...


I wonder where this joyfulness came at all
I shiver with the passion of my soul

I meditate.. simply bow and worship so glad
I savor the richness and bounty of Your love

Tears stream like radiance of a waterfalls so clear
God why You're so good to me and so dear

Do i deserve? It is quite more than a success
Couldn't be bought by so much pleased

I wish it will be experienced and felt by anyone too
Could they be able to tackle what I've went through?

Would they trust not by themselves but only You?
We are all gifted but would it lead our spirit grow?

I acknowledge my gifts were all fantastic
That include the tears that cleanse so great

Let's be grateful with tears to be with our journey
Since when we cry today tomorrow will be a joyful day

And now let me whisper into your ears
Joy is waiting behind your painful tears

Can you open your arms and let my spirit in?
Will you welcome my soul? Can we be friends?


Words are indeed powerful
Superbly shine into a weak soul
Nice words stay in the heart
Remain in thoughts even you forgot

Words are lovely breath of one's spirit
If they are uttered softly behind hatred
Anger is not an excuse of speaking bad
Positive souls stick calm and glad

Harsh words cursed no one else
But it is to one who uttered it
Never lighten pains nor a relief
Cause trigger the grievance it gave

Painful words are just helpless
It requires wisdom in order to refresh
It needs love to lessen the anguish
It just worsen with hatred and envies

Wise brethren always watch your words
To be embraced with and not be oblivion
A nostalgic teaching forever to be worn
Words are power and not a spirit vexation


Things prevail in its own way
Claiming yourself making dismay
Pains to one shouting false story
Couldn't accept things is a tragedy

When you are at your wildest despair
Embarrassing is not a pain reliever
Nor hurting one who is a lot wiser
Will just make you feel more bitter

Truthful approach embraces no hatred
It gives guilt to the one who faulted
Jealousy is not a solution maker
Humbling one's self has its power

No need to boast and no need to nag
Cry if it makes you feel bad and sad
There is no such enemy in this world
Every red heart has its sparkling gold


The power of love breaths within my side
Strongly embedded into my thoughts and abide
It is such an elusive feeling that I adore
A profound emotion that came from your core

I am ebullient being wrapped with your care
Its essence couldn’t be identified wherever
Engulfing my unique being as a whole
Needless to boast and say I am stable

Elevate yourself on a highest ground
Look what have you lacked in your surround
I am not just the component of your breath
Contemplate of what have you taken for granted


Vivid wings carry me on a high hills
Serenely like of a nightingale

Never minding what so the weather
Flying in colorful feathers

Flying full to flush its emotion
Not into a waste but for a direction

To follow whether its for a keep
But its best to share it with depth

Only the moon and stars could sense
Could judge how great its feelings

Happy flying beneath the sky
Deep emotions could not lie

It glitters it blooms..enviable
Colorful feathers so graceful


Check out all your senses
Just don’t ask things out

Feel what your instinct is
That is what it all about

Laugh if this makes you happy
Cry if this makes you feel sad

It might be so painful
A bleed of the heart

It could be so cheerful
And all sighs depart


The truest sense of happiness within our depth
It feels such an enigma no words could express
A deep feeling and emotion no one could judge
It imbued in the deepest depth of our hearts

It is a content..simple.. nothing could beat
Do listens the angers,tears,pains and hatred
It will continue to feel its wonders behind
Strong storm befallen.. never it'll be ravaged

It understands deep the destinies in every life
Blames no one, hates no one and we never sigh
We firmly stand gripping our hands with a smile
Love proves, holds and stays in a longest while


I was once on the tip of the rainbow
Its hues merge my being to give a glow
Like a daylight bright star in its side
Glittering as you gazed up to me wide

You wish to reach me by your hands
You want to hook me by your eyes
You look at me like a real gold
Alluring me with lovely flowers you hold

But i was suddenly lost in your sight
You found hard finding me back right
You took your sight throughout... searching
Am in nowhere, now inside your heart breathing..


Smile glows across my face on this Sunday dawn
A start of my great day am sure not to be alone
Ever gracious giving smile to our Mighty
What a wonderful world He gave to me..

I can reach out my long away friends
My virtual fellow souls to me bend
They grace my journey with their lovely words
They made me content and love the world

A lot of good souls around the globe
Uplifting me high dragging me close
As their lives and mine keeping on its roll
They are the lovely oasis embracing my soul


Life is great having happy souls that surround so grateful
No reasons to worry, appreciate life, adore and be trustful
We are just passers and life is so short to ignore
Dance with the music..shout for joy and explore..

Friends share a vivid hue of the universe
What more to ask for, thank behind the adverse
Let the heaven feels simple things to us amazed
Every minute in a day life has to be cherished

Savor life goodness behind thorns come what may
A gift to embrace, to love and cherish, be happy
Dreams flickered on midnight breath..worries cast
I will live life to its fullness until i breathe my last


May black can be purer than white...and white can be mysterious than black..what color we may our places we have to be proud and glad..we all must have to be grateful..we are not alone, each and everyone is a fellow of one's soul..

We are all equal in the eyes of the beyond..only us are thinking we are more than the other being..but a wisdom of poor no possession to cast you to the heavies your soar..not light and soft..not tender in your float..

What is knowledge without wisdom..what is one being without soul..what is day without light..come ye faithful, let us be a sun of brightness..lets touch all the empty hearts..lets kiss their souls with the language of love..


One soul joining mine..bringing me to the world of many wonderful souls..i love the mystery they brought to me..i love their soul blaring on me..i feel uplifted..i am now rich in spirit..

Here they are joining force to welcome me...scrutinizing every inch of me..they listen well my laughter..admiring my voice, the sincerity behind it..they want me to stay..they want to hear also my dismay..they love my honesty..

How i wish to stay and soar with them in heaven..where there were no tears..where all is love..and purity..but my soul is humanly..i love to see the crowd..i love to stay with my savor the temporary happiness..


As I am now embedding into your thoughts
You want to cherish our moment and hold
My smile and lovely stare uplifted you
Like a precious gem you always want to view

You never allow things to be a hindrance
You keep your senses to wherever I am
You want me to dance with the lovely music
Composed by your heart tuned by its beats

You love the confidence that i have felt
Of being real stable and being content
Who would be asking for more in life
If I feel your love is more than alive


I owe you the lovely words that i wrote from my heart
As if not of loving my heart has nothing to utter
It is just as empty as the lonely and silent air
Just like a blank dark space of the universe

But having you in my life colors the solitude of my night
A marvelous fire works under the evening stars it is like
We never mind our distance and the huge barrier
It paves our way to become more closer

You are the lovely music under my pillow at night
You are the sweet smile of my mystic heart so bright
Your touch and caress for me are perfectly right
They rejuvenate me and the heavy becomes light

You bring romantic blossom into my thoughts
You flourish our emotions and our dreams both
Feeding me with your love inspires my whole being
It gives me a stout and a healthy great feelings

If you were to ask me how do i define love
In my mind I couldn't take any answer to have
But just as simple as this is its only meaning
I will define love definitely only by your name


It swims in a day in a wide ocean depth
And soars the cloud at the stars beneath
It gives a spark in romantic candle lit
Inspired by its candidly passionate beat

Adores the melodic tune of birds in the forest
Never stops its breath behind life and death
Forever lives bearing a grin of gracious moment
Giving a mystery of a nurtured heart insane

By the time I'll be gone it keeps on its existence
It is an intense expression of my heart in silence
It is eternal, mysterious, I don't have control over
It's love that beats in my heart now and forever


Love never be a sacrifice if there is a mutual feeling
But it is a hell to one loving without a return
Doesn’t mind pain when both are much confident
But it is a mourn and fear for one loving alone

Sharing one’s nest is like pulling heaven on this earth
But a wild cry for one alone in a damn rest
A paradise for both who doesn’t know to surrender
A deep cliff for one who is trying to gasp a breath

It is a continues glee of two hearts in bloom
But a perpetual tears for one in gloom
It is a healing of wound and the pains no more
But a continues struggle of a heart so poor

A glee or a mourn are the opposite feelings
For the heart that sings for love no matter what
Yet a bravo for two hearts that mutually feel
Owning a wonderful paradise no one could stop


I wonder what keeps me standing firm behind
Even the furious storm couldn't kill my smile
Being so brave to admit I committed a mistake
Make me ever so proud and even so unique

I thought all the while that only good deeds inspire
That only my sacrifices could touch your life a while
But I realized I should have to face the world
With all my humility I share my impurities aloud

Forgive me if I let your heart intensely mourn
I am sorry if my maturity is not fully grown
My apology that I once followed the will of my heart
That was so unselfish for years in the name of love

No matter how much you put me down in shame
Just do what you think could ease your pain
I'll just discard every inch of my embarrassment
I'll continue to appreciate life and its wonderment


I would rather be silent than add your pain
And throwing you words so harsh and vain
I would rather not mourn and put my eyes a lock
Than crying on the things I couldn’t glue back

I’d rather shine and glow throughout the darkness
Than hide myself in a deem world sad and hopeless
I’d rather be inspired with the result of my dedication
Than let myself be ravaged and dragged by tribulation

I would rather walk with a smile and full of confidence
As I continue my journey molded with ample of experience
I’d rather execute my greatest poise on how to carry on
If it's my destiny, storm befallen but life has to go on

I would rather be thankful with my kind atmosphere
Surrounded with the people who truly love and care
Than be bitter for a nonsense reason with dismay
I’d rather be grateful I have a life running this way


My life moves ceasing to live in a hard pace
And I rest like a bird going to its lonely nest
My mind sets to go to the right when it says yes
Yet I turn into left whenever my heart dictates

I keep on striving in a hot and in a cloudy weather
I persist to be consistent aspiring to compete better
My heart is so busy and couldn’t feel the pain within
No time to waste my tears for an unpleasant moment

I maneuver myself to the west and so to the east
Looking forward for the benefits of all my dearest
I am a worth of heavenly angels exuberant feast
Am sorry but this is how my faith wishes to speak

Every step of my journey has a no way to delete
Good and bad will exist forever in my memories
A beautiful art of life with wonders to compete
No power could erase all those from my memories


When my heart is full..
I poured every inch of my emotions into words
My joys and sorrows are lucidly seen throughout
My words always tell the sincerity of my feelings
All were from my heart passionately expressing

When my heart is full..
I hear its beats and let it speak through writing
The power of its whisper were much fascinating
I shared those emotions of joys and happiness
And I never did hide my sorrows and sadness

When my heart is full..
I need to touch another heart empty and confusing
I will share my emotions heartily and over pouring
Profoundness of its every beat is tender and sincere
As my soul now is very much certain and merrier


Rise up smart spoiled wonderful being
You are so loved and never be lessen
No need to look back on what wrong you have gotten
God won’t leave you lost unblessed and unforgiven

Rise up dear and precious child of God
You are so loved and cared no matter what
If gold has to be in fire to extract its pureness and essence
Hot flame will delight your glitters towards a deemed sense

Rise up blissful creation of the Lord
Ready to catch the gifts showering unfold
Stumbling is not the basis that there will be no tomorrow
Yet it is the beginning of the beautiful life freshly anew

Rise up lucky child and faithful one
You are now in a higher level beyond
Your soul has already a room in heaven so be glad
It is prepared by our loving almighty Father above


My speaking heart is now again speechless
Feeling blue and empty yet full of gladness
I hold my tears to drop I need not to be sad
I able to sacrifice myself in the name of love

We are grateful we now understand our depth
That our real and pure love is truly unselfish
We couldn’t get all what we wanted to have
Accepting it makes the heaven smiles enough

Let us face the world moving on with a smile
Let us make ourselves as we move every mile
Wherever life may brought us in our journey
Our two hearts have only one wish anyway


I hope there is a friendly breeze to carry your thoughts on me
And I could send you my whisper through a buzzing bee
I wish you can smell my shadow staring you so lonely not glee
Walking on the shore while the moonlight shimmers on the sea

I hope you will be in my dream tonight in order to see me
To dance in our heartbeats tone in such a passionate way
That we would be as free as the love birds kissing in display
And we can sing our love songs filled with sweet melody

I wish I couldn’t wake up in this dream and live in fantasy
While you stare not just a part but the whole of me
Kissing my forehead and wipe my silent tears so gently
Expressing your love that never fades so pure and tenderly