Saturday, November 4, 2017


My Sunday morning here exactly 4:44 AM and it is her Saturday  night.. Our time difference is not a hindrance to sing the lullaby of our hearts..

Hanging lullaby...
(with Deborah Brooks Langford)

My thoughts were enveloped by the continuous flowing spring of commitments with no end while life is still being lived and savoured by..
The unevitable worries and rushing of time are entwined with my days as they come to me and pass by..
As I flocked my strong wings from places to helped me to see things broad and wide ..I dream that the sun will stay and will always shine its bright and its beams are always by my side..
But the globe we're dwelling in is round, it rolls against time...I can't hold the luminous beams of light leaving me..yet the moon appears at night to comfort me with its calm crimson hue..
I saw the stars competing their glitters and some became my friends too..
They were smiling at me as I slumber at night dreaming once more what is best for tomorrow..
.. while the sunshine wanders to the other side of the universe and shares its bliss to those who were of sorrow..
Alas!.. This is not my main point of view.. This is only a facade of a magical intro.. Lend me now your ears and never ever trite listening to the music of my wishful being while I am strumming the cord of my thoughts .. delving my soul ....tuning in with the melodic symphony of my spirit as my ink starts to splash its own fantastic art..
...Whilst waiting for my life's Sweet Angel to fill and complete the hanging lullaby of my heart ...

Helen Sarita


Ahhh among the hanging lullabies lies a star filled lullaby
That awakens each soul to glorious days unfold
Yet our slumbers dwell in the fore front of yours
We know the truth and possibilities the excitement
Of a life full of soul, so rich with love

My mind ushered in the stardom the laughter
But the timing eludes us
Praying one more time our paths will cross.
Our inky words spread across so many hearts
Our honest heart's that makes us so inspiring ..
Making our simple aim to write for all to know the warmth and love for just a few moments in each busy day
To reach many hearts..
Vivid images I do broach
I hope and will describe
Words of wisdom I do declare..
Magical rainbows I do ride
With words to reach a simple body of hope.
I write of these lullabies
The love of special friends
Lost loves of twilights
To reach a new day new horizons so maybe it will not be so hard to find
If I could do anything, silly or funny I would want to dream the many lullabies of you...

 Deborah Brooks Langford @
All Rights Reserved by both Authors
November 4, 2017


Susan Joyner-Stumpf..

If only a blank paper will do to show my truest feelings within.. I know it expresses more than ink splattered on a blank sheet of paper..
You can still read my heart as you were born quite and pretty smart that without  words you can feel me and even you close your eyes you can see me.

Susan.. I am truly sad..  Yes...I am
As you're not so very well nowadays.. I know you  see my tears though we are separated by the wide lands and seas..

That even without  saying a single word,  you can read me.. as it is not about my ink but my strongest desire wishing the happiness and wellness of your being.  No matter how I fill this blank paper I know it wouldn't still be enough to express to you my sincerest and truthful  heart wrapped with gratitude. You  moulded me to become who I am today.  You gave me a title " Mistress  of Words" I feel more than I deserved on this world..

Susan, your words are like magic of a silver spring cascading like a natures flow.. I earnestly  dreamt to be in your level of intelligence..  But you are the only One unique star I was always gazing through .. Priceless is your time  for your friends ..I wish I can be as selfless as you. I tried to write the way you do but my pen isn't as witty and as bright as yours.. 

Susan.. I wish that the spaces between my lines speak more than words can do.. I dream to paint a beautiful You with hues of a rainbow.. I dream to reach the skies and pick some tiny silvery stars to adorn you to have your face a glow as your  birthday is approaching.. please be reminded  that I am here always loving you..

But Susan, my prayers have power, so  yours and our friends' prayers too.  Our almighty God has its best for you..We are aware of..  We all know..

Cheers Susan! Let's celebrate the gift  of life... Let's party!
Deborah Brooks Langford and the rest of our friends are here to give you such a delightful birthday!

Happiest  birthday to you!!

Helen Sarita


(To Helen Sarita for her Birthday)

Mistress of words you’ve stolen my heart
One after another, better than before
Learned to admire that beautiful Soul
Another one Like It I’ll never know
How lucky in a world of billions do I find one
Friend who has my back, who empathizes with
My beginning, will be there to the END
Happy Birthday Helen Sarita in so many ways
But it’s my birthday too for having met you ~ you see
Each day a blessing I thank the Lord
May this Day be as special as the day you were born
From me, from all of us, loving you so dear
Can’t bear to think of life without you, fills me with fear
Don’t be anyone but who YOU are
Mistress of Words
A GLOWING, Poetic Star !

~ Susan Joyner-Stumpf (Copyright Protected, 10/2/2017

Monday, October 16, 2017


River runs..

So many wonderful thoughts like a stream in a rainy days so fast to its flow
From the rocky mountains dripping down crossing to many roads it went through
But still for more I am willing to sail with its flow to learn and grow
And to where like a river patiently runs to where I was destined to
Searching for wisdom to embed upon my mundane heart
Seeking for the luminous light to sufficed mine darkest part
Yet one day, I believe my heart will roar it's powerful thunder
To your hearts let me dwell and speak out my heart's finest share
Dreaming to touch everyone's greatest depth and brings life to many lives
To be heard by the world's numbness and senseless sighs..

Helen Sarita
All rights reserved
(c) 10/16/17

Friday, October 13, 2017


Collaboration with Deborah Brooks Langford for our coming book..

I Try

My mind tries
to relinquish my inner state
it longs for a place to help me hold my head
someplace i wont be tarnished
some place free from harm...

I try

not to cry
I hang my head and sigh
I need a place for me to encounter
a loving place I can reside...

I try

not to sigh, only smile
with heart in hand I pray so loud
Dear Lord help me
be what I used to be
why can't I run and play?

I Try

oh the desire to dream again
I must know I won't be free of pain
I must try to hug again
where could this place be found
a day of laughter like a sweet melodic song
where has this place gone?

I stand

I stand before you and I try
a smile for you and I cry
all I want to be is what  I use to be
I love you all
please try...

Please Try

to understand
love me no matter what life brings
I may not be here tomorrow
I don't want to fall apart
I just need you to understand
I am not what I used to be
I am very tired...


I try

To waltz with your words,
wipe your tears  and listen
to your sighs..
The melancholy of your pen
gives me pain and streams down
my silent tears..

I try

To hold you so tight
and to let you feel the deepest sorrow
of my soul..
When you are feeling down
seems the world for me
doesn't go round..

I try

To bring you into a place called paradise,
where flowers bloom and butterflies fly..
I want to see you smile
as we dance and play full of joy beneath the sky

I try

To protect you and shield you with my wings so strong,
to bring you to that velvety clouds I highly soar
To that splendid  kingdom with many kind souls we gracefully roam
To wander within the garden of our hearts as we sing our songs..

I stand

For you  and I always give you my smile
And I want you to be full of glee as you come with me
You are beautiful and lovely and you will always be
Please dry your tears for me

Please try

To understand  life is to be cherished
We have to kiss our pains and embrace
We will not be forever here ..
On this mundane  world we are only stranger
We will be returning  to the beautiful place called heaven..
were pains have no place in there..

Helen Sarita
All rights reserved by both Authors
(c) 10/14/17

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


For our coming book  together with Deborah Brooks Langford !

Little Girl Tears
Staring down the senselessness
feeling her childish ways
She was a little girl in a big bad world�distant toll nagging�in these roller coaster years~
Sanguine breezes
winding hearts
roads that are binding
follow the yellow line~
water pours from crying eyes
closing her eyes and dreams
holding to her brother
waiting for the war to end~
one hot summers day
the river got a little bit bigger
with tears of one little girl
hoping things will change ~
Crying many a tears
from so many years
as she grew older through scars
of old~
Years past oh so fast
little girl remembers the tears
as she finds love on the hope
of an angel wings~
Little girl dance through life
following her heart to find love
little girl and her tears
grow old~
Dont waste a single day
a lonely night
little girl
dont waste your life
just have faith and allow a little tear~
Debbie Brooks@

Those innocent years rippling onto my thougths..
The longing of love has wrapped my sentiments..
Where were those cares that made me feel so secured?
It was gone away casted with the travelling winds of destiny
That only the ample cobwebs of memories were left..
These tears coming from the window of my eyes..streaming down
Dreaming if I could  just bring back those days when I was a little child
I would love to experience how would it feel to have no one  who cares..
And in my naiveness I would shed Iittle tears and sweats of sacrifice
to be able to  find all the resources to be alive...
Better that prayers have saved me and life has taught me..pains gave me strength..
Now.. is it not yet too late to share the lessons of life?
It would be good at times to throw our young ones into a deep ocean to teach them how to survive..

Helen Sarita@


THANK You James Cairns for translating Mine and Helen Sarita and Susan Joyner-Stumpf Poem 'DON'T MAKE ME CRY" in  French

Deborah et Hélène: Une collaboration d’âmes

Tes paroles me font pleurer

 Il y avait une fois
 C’était toi
 Ce n’était pas difficile
 C’était beau
 Maintenant c’est dur, si lourd
 Sans valeur
 Et le temps s’arrête

Laisse-moi pleurer
Laisse-moi sentir
Que dois-je faire d’autre
Tant que nous continuons
Chantant la même chanson?

Les paroles me viennent difficilement
Je n’arrive plus à écrire
 Mais je sais que je peux pleurer
 Et je pleurs
 Je suis l’être
 Que j’ai toujours été

Capable d’être
Ta meilleure amie
 Je suis là pour toi
 Ne me laisses pas pleurer...


Maintenant je pense
Comment puis-je faire
 Ce bel arc-en-ciel

Et je pense plus fort
 Je voudrais que tu passes des journées
 Saches que dans ta tristesse
 Je pleure aussi dans ta solitude
 J’aimerais te porter que du bonheur

Cette joie
 Pourquoi on nous l’a volée?
 Mon ange, où est partie cette joie?
 Puis-je m’occuper de tes douleurs
 En t’envoyant mon amour, la lumière de mon âme
 Pour guérir une tristesse pour toujours?

Dis-moi ce qu’il faut faire?
 A moi aussi les paroles ne viennent pas facilement
 Mais j’essaie de les retrouver
 Pour te dire combien je t’aime


Mon Coeur ne battait
Qu’aux rythmes de ton amour foudroyant
Pourrais-je vivre sans ce sourire?
Sans cette touche ferme sur un visage fragile?

Où je me dirige maintenant
Sans le seule homme
Qui m’a fait découvrir ce monde?
Et maintenant je suis brisée
En morceaux autour de toi
Mes larmes brouillent une vision de joie
Mes rêves tombent autour d’un ciel
Dénué de bleu . . .

Libérez-moi, mon Seigneur
Il ne reste que
Des blessures si profondes
Que même les océans rugissent
Même l’horizon me repousse
Je ne sens plus cette étreinte,
La vie, telle que je l’ai connue, est-elle finie?
C’est comme cela, une vie sans étoiles?

Il n’y a que le néant qui me voit, qui me sent ~ ~
Que les mains chaudes ne me touchent pas
Mon être, il est devenu éternellement froid . . .

Susan Joyner-Stumpf
My collaboration with Deborah Brooks Langford!

It used to be
Used to be you
Used to be so easy
To be so lovely
Now it feels ugly
Feels so worthless
As time stands still..

Can I cry now
Can I feel now
I don't know what else to do
As we go skipping along...

I don't write with big words
I can barely write at all
But I know this I can feel
I can cry
I am still human
I am still me..
I can be your best friend
I will stand by you
But don t make me cry..


I am thinking so much
how can I bring back
that so beautiful rainbow
into your sight again glow
I am thinking so much
to make your day a blast
Please know, in your sadness,
I also cry..In your loneliness
I love to bring delight..

Why was your happiness
had been stolen away?
Angel, where was your glee?
Can I take care of those pains
by sending you love and light
to heal your great dismay?

Tell me what I need to do..
I have lost my words, I know
But I am trying to find it back
To express how much I love you..

Helen Sarita

There was never my heartbeat
Without your thundering Love
Can I live without that smile
Your rugged touch against my fragile face?

Where do I go from here
If not with the one man
Who made me a part of this world
And I’m in pieces now
Scattered around you
Tears blurring such vision of joy
Dreams dying around a sky
Devoid of blue . . .

Oh Lord, take me
There’s nothing left but
Wounds so deep the ocean roars
Can’t see over the horizon
His embrace now gone, is life as I Knew it, over?
Is this how it feels to be star-less?

Only oblivion can see me, feel me ~ ~
Warm hands touch me not, for I am frozen . . .
~ Susan Joyner-Stumpf