Sunday, March 18, 2018


Helen Sarita and Daniel Franklin have written poem # 19
.. Closer to the book....

My Bride – My Love

The moment I saw your face and eyes I knew you were my wife
Your pretty face
Your fashion
The way you flipped your hair
Your Glam Look
But that wasn’t it all…
It was your pure Gold Heart that attracted me
The heart of my dreams
The heart of my future
The only heart I would love
So, as I walk to the alter with you my lifelong partner
I will always love you
Treat you well
Solely love you
To unquestionably be your husband of honesty and loyalty to my last breath
Because there is no greater woman than you
My Queen of Love and Life
So, take this ring my lovely Bride
Join me in marriage
As we are an equally loving couple
To build great love
A great honey
A family
An unbreakable future
To live out our dreams
I say I do
Because I love you
So, as we walk away as Husband and Wife
I promise to love you forever
Take care of you
Treat you as my daily Princess
Because I will love you forever….

Daniel Franklin

I pledge to be yours till the end of my life
You've proven to me your love for so many times
Those tears and laughter we've shared in the past are parts of our fantastic journey
Strengthen our love as it glued us to stick together
behind the tease of life when time many had wished to poison our minds
That I begun to doubt your love..
Your promises that I had wrongly thought were just made to be broken
I have had mistaken to judge your love wasn't true
Now that we are marching towards the altar to make our vows
I was amazed and couldnt believe I now belong to your arms
It is the end of asking myself when, where, why and how?
I will be your eternal wife and you will be my loving husband
We will tie up ourselves to each and ready to face the challenges of our marriage life
No one could ever break us apart and put as asunder..
We will slumber together listening to the pleasant melody of our hearts
Those dreams of ours, now become reality..
I am still in awe with the thought of having you forever my lovely prince..
In eternity, I will be with my one and only magical and awesome you..
till the end of time..

Helen Sarita

Saturday, March 10, 2018


Helen Sarita and Daniel Franklin have written poem #18.. We keeping writing to our book of 30 poems...

As I looked into your eyes I saw the woman I loved
The woman I needed
The most beautiful woman to my heart and eyes
Because I need you
I needed your love
You are so caring
And full of life
My Princess
The woman I do anything for
Because I love you so much
And our love is so true
So as we kiss and touch
You will be the only woman for me
My beautiful Princess
The woman I love
The only woman I need

Daniel Franklin

Rejuvenated with your sweet love
Your words made me feel
so young at heart
You are a magnet to my soul
You deserve to have
my heart and all
Look at me my love..
So divine to your sight
Our stares to each have
its fullest meaning..
That our love couldnt
be measured right
It is beyond that peak of
a huge mountain
Calm as the flowing spring
Greater than what we
can imagine..
Come closer to me,
Hold my hands and
look at my eyes gently my prince...
Listen to my every beat
Where the symphonies of love
made our breaths fastly raise
As it heals the pains
of our wounded souls
And in silence, we both declare
You are mine..and  I am  too.. is yours..

by Helen Sarita


One of our best!!

Oneness of our Pens..

Collaboration Deborah Brooks Langford and Helen Sarita

I miss writing with you
You cast my sighs out of the blue
You are an angel far away so
Your aroma comes wherever I go

I try to look beyond the time but atlas I can’t forget
The sweetness of your poetry
Oh yes how I miss you so
Looking at my restless mind
Wishing my empty veil I vow…

Your words bring magic to my soul
You let my spirit to the wilderness highly soar
I consider myself the luckiest on earth
Having you sharing with me your breath

Waltzing bellows on waters edge
Circling with the wielded word
Flowing through the Lillie’s so bright
Walking forward in willows deep
Is your friendship I need…

You’re a beautiful instrument sent from the heaven above
You’re a symbol of such a pure love
If our brethren behave the way you do
This world is such a splendid place to dwell through

Singing songs of yonder mist
Through a whispered emerald pasture
Cries from loneliness brings
On a broken wing
You fix my heart on the rivers edge…

The rhythm of love to our hearts engraved
Its symphony carried by a lovely breeze
Travels through the air to touch the horizon
You are a mystical creation
You are a true angel, you are my inspiration…

Out timeless dreams are compelling
There are no bitter regrets
Once molted into ivory clay
I am never alone when I read
Your rambling muse…

You’ve planted seeds of love onto my heart
In your heart I delved to search the charisma you have endowed
I found pearls and diamonds
Sparkling and shining your aura
You are such a valuable treasure

Unmask our veils of shadows
Marked by the shimmering moon
The blackness flows into the blue
To form the oneness of our pens…

As I crawled onto the meadows of paradise
Searching perfect words to speak my heart
I gleaned to blend the wonders of yours
You have made me of who I am
These tears of mine. Speaks. Unleashing my heart
You are a goddess.
 A mirror of my soul…

Wondering what the future will bring
Where the sugar maple trees blow
As she takes to the stage once again
As long as my dear sweet friend
Always our pens sing with oneness…

All rights reserved by both Authors
Deborah Brooks Langford &
Helen Sarita
(c) 2/21/18


I loved you as soon as I saw you
Because your beauty was amazing 
And your spirit as well
You were everything I looked for in a woman
And would not want with anyone else
So I pledge to love u
Kiss u daily
And to hold u tenderly in my arms every night
Because my love for you is so great  
You are my wife
My princess
My soulmate
And the woman of my dreams
Because you are my everything
The woman I live for
The woman I die for
Because I will love no other
You are my only love
Will always be my only love
Because I love so immensely my Queen of My Heart 

Daniel Franklin

Your words lingers softly as they penetrated to the core of my being
How lovely you promulgated to me your so much intense feeling
Your lovely gesture and devotion is a kind symphony to my heart..
You made me waltz so graceful to the music of your sweet love
I am your world, and you have intricately completed mine
You've melted me as you stare deeply upon my eyes
Your kisses brought me to the place I couldn't define
You decorated me by the silvery stars from that velvety clouds which made me truly shine
You firmly hold my hand that even the strongest wind has no power to put us asunder
Restassuring me you will never leave as your love is forever
And even the strongest storm  bringing the name unknown couldn't break as apart
As we both believe the fact that you and me were born to share each other's heart..

Helen Sarita

Monday, January 1, 2018


16th Poem with Daniel Franklin 

Can There Be Love Again?

We cried
We doubted ourselves
We did not know what to do
We loved each other greatly
We stood in the dark many days
But we had hope still
To maybe once again be together
Share that love
And to hold each other tenderly
So we kept in touch
And remembered that first kiss
To maybe love once again
To show the world who we were
So the rainbow would be there again
To hope there would be Love Again
Daniel Franklin~

You've taken those words from my heart  in my long silence
The moment when I reminisce those days welled down my tears
Never I lost hope in my heart, to have you once again
I continue to dream even we have doubted our love
We cried in the dark after we broke each other's  heart
Yet I can never forget  the time we've shared together 
Dreaming it will happen again  in another time, another year 
The smile on your face are still so fresh in my mind
Your sweetness once I remember,  paint my face a smile
I smell your scent being carried by the breeze in so many miles
I wish the rainbow to appear once more after the rain 
And you'll come in surprise to ask me, can there be Love again? 

Helen Sarita


Welcome 2018!!

Listening to the pulse of my heart as year near to pass
Letting my thoughts to review what this year spoke to us
Moments always have its own ending,  never it will last
Whether life brought us good and even threw us bad
Life rolls like wheel, sometimes we cry and sometimes we laugh
As I drove my own life in patience, not all things came my way
I never thought sickness would even try to visit me
Yet I have no way to whine but thank God on His perfect  plan
This year is full ,  never I wasted my time as it moved upon
I continue to put life a meaning,  I took time to inspire some friends
I put tears  of joy on their eyes , they were  glad with my presence
I shared  them  stories to delight them even for a short  time
I chatted with friends,  near and far
I talked to them with substance
I love to give them a piece of advice  behind my difficult  times
I rest when I feel tired and work back again when I feel alright
This is my life, building  a strong foundation with myself and others
Gliding myself, moving forward, believing this world is full of wonders
Every person I meet  is a great opportunity for each
Every heartfelt word glorifies our Creator's fullness
The  wellspring of life is as powerful and  deep as our trust
That God will never be tired to depict unto us His undying  love
Every good single thought is a reflection of His kindness
Welcome 2018,  it is a such a  promising year, full of surprises
The blissfulness of this year  depends on how we start it by ourselves right

Helen Sarita
All rights reserved
(c) 1/1/18

Sunday, December 24, 2017


How blessed are we this Christmas?

So many things in my mind I earnestly love to do
Things to buy in the store,  just waiting through
I wish to give gifts that will paint a smile to many faces
Yet my wallet seems thin I couldnt  give as much as I wished
I brought my sight around as I sat down in the corner alone
I realized I have  no Christmas decors inside my home
Was it because I was so busy to prepare those stuff?
Or maybe I wasnt so much excited enough this Christmas?
Where was my heart  this season of joy and love if I may ask?
I am trying  to control my tears upon evaluating my own self
Do I have to tell what  did I do to give joy to the poor children?
May we cant see display of decors sparkling in my corners
But my heart is exquisitely shining  within, with joyful tears
I am thanking  the Lord in heaven  for my blissful year
I thank the Lord for the blessing  of good thoughts
For my firmness while riding the boat of life as the river flows
For now, I feel the  deepness of Christmas and its meaning
I know I have many beautiful and inspiring stories to tell
Sharing in season and out season is the best celebration
In fullness  and incompleteness, in good health and even in illness
Let us not so much tied up ourselves with material things
Instead, look at our  poor brethren, Those who are having cancer..
Those encountering accidents on the road and anywhere
Those who are having  problem  to pay hospital  bills
The victims of war in a far countries and near
And recently the poor victims of calamities around..
Have you ever think we are so much blessed more than what we thought we were this Christmas and the whole  year round?

Helen Sarita
All rights reserved..
(c) 12/23/17