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Tell me how does a lady look while she  blows her cigarette smoke.. does she look class or rude?

Some have many interpretations but whatever are these, for me the best thing is to respect
Some smoke to release tense and some were just influenced with their friends.
But this isn't  a main thing. I have also the calling.. I am here to save you from harm not to ruin 
Have ears to hear what am sayin' I am just a good friend showing you my kindness and gentle care
One day somehow, you'll regret why you didn't listen. I  just want to save you from harm of nicotine..
As blaming yourself will never be in the beginning yet always be at the end  ..and I don't want this to happen
Just as I don't want to blame myself also why I didn't find a time to change you in my own little heartfelt way to say..
Please stop smoking my friend. .


May this ink will spill the color you love to see, to open your eyes reading what I wish to convey

That  this ink of mine will cease the movement of the sea as it draws to ebb, it gives us solace  as we breath.

May it soar with the ripples of the moving clouds and promulgates peace, whilst it is being viewed by all living creatures of this world.

May this ink splash love to touch insensible hearts to embrace the world with love and dominate the earth through the wisdom it speaks.

May this ink will drizzle  the beauty in me.. my thoughts and my heart will envelope the whole world through the omnipotent gift unto me being bestowed..

May this ink.. will be the ink to conquer the hatred of the world and will bring Oneness to thee and me and to all who surround

..And may this ink will give us the glory enlightened by the Mighty Spirit..It will speak the words of God... and not mine to say..


To understand love we must  love first ourselves.. Let's dance with the moving delight of this world so great..let's know how lucky we are having a chance to breath..
Try to look at the person at your side...are you giving his face aglow? Is he a reflection of you?..have you uttered words of kindness that sooth to his innermost? Remember love is contagious.
Love  will manifest .unselfishness.. what you shine to others will be a sunshine to all..extend your magnificent  love to a person.. and your love will become a moving inspiration.. and so on..and so on...
Love is an armour against is a powerful protection  more than any guns and explosions.. our souls will graciously  shine upon its practice.. if we just believe the power of love is such a luminous grace  
To love ourselves is to love our families  and so our communities.  it won't stop us loving only just for our countries.. we can love the whole world by simply trusting that it's essence is more tha…


In the vastness of this universe people in different places are from one God who created Adam and Eve 
Scattered along the big and huge continents separated by big oceans and boarders of land..
Leaders rule each of their places protecting their lands that separates people near and far..
They are uncontented  they keep striving for prestige, power and fame. Their ego divides the races..
But we only have a short life living on this earth...let's not waste our breath. 
On the later days we from ashes will turn back into our coming generation what legacy we wished to leave?
Why can't  we teach Love by our deeds. As an example, can we set ourselves?  We can change the world..let's move hand in hand against racism..let's be optimistic..
On the judgment day.. God won't ask us from where are we.. We don't need to fight Let's spread love to each  Let's contemplate for the best, let's abide and behave
We breath the same air..same color of blood run…


Papa let me greet you..

If I can create words for others
How futile would I be if I couldn't create some words for my father

Would I just forget his love for me so focused? He talked like a broken record, he boosted me to his friends he was that proud

With his gentle lion's thoughts like of his horoscope..He planned things to be done by his trenious effort

He was strict yet good with silence like a deep river, he wanted me  to be decent and well mannered

I remember one night when I was out from his sight, he looked for me like missing the brightest moon..I was his life

It saddened me to see my father witnessing the torments of my life, maybe his brave heart at those times was crying

But what can an ill father do to save her precious daughter? He couldn't fight for me, he was helpless, yet still he saved me with his prayer until the end of his life that was what I felt

Now it's Fathers Day..
Let me celebrate with you Papa
Let me reminisce our memories and talk things yo…


This is dedicated to Our Angel. Jolly Bhattacharjee.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WE LOVE YOU

The Power of Women's Strength ..

Drawing our strength
Exhausting our words
Words that are forgotten from long ago
Forgiving life's failings and hurts
That can overcome even the effort
Possessed by the charm~

Pierce through the night oblivion
No longer thought about what is buried
Cross path with us women with sweet melancholy~

Our power to go
Forward again
Find our heart's strength
The joy of overcoming this life
Good humor and joy never part~

Strong shoulders and sweet hearts
Pierce together always a new start
The way the road most traveled
To view the real truth of pure sweet love
Is a Woman's strength~

Deborah Brooks Langford

In an intricate travel of my life's journey
Upon paving the rough road along my way
I shared my tears and so my smiles
With the strength that I molded, in life I rise
Ups and downs were part of my walks
I planted good seeds to grow in my thoughts
I continue to …


she breaths heavenly air
without her knowledge
to love and to care in her
norm is her sweet caress
her romantic intelligence
flowing like a lovely spring
she is delicate and sensitive
her tears kisses her pains
to love is what she wants to power on this earth
her pure heart pours all throughout her writings
her tears are real upon
listening our sad stories
they are the witness flowing like lovely stream of softness
she truly amazed this
wonderful world
her love for us has
so much to unfold
yet, her romantic love is
blue in color as for her..
it represents perpetual
heartaches to bear
her pains made her ink
bleeds in blue
her heart groans in
gloom and in sorrow
yet her pen vividly dancing
upon her waving emotions
our presence dissipates
all her crying sensations
we, the women of passion
want her to be happily aglow
we'll be with her not just until the time our grey hair will start to show
in love she's our true model
she is our living humble angel..
she brings our passion to b…