Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Thank you for the joy of heart you bring
Your message reveals your innermost feeling
Tuning myself in, is really heartbreaking
Your breeze rejuvenated my beautiful being

Thanks for crossing and wandering my pathway
It’s an immense pleasure engulfed myself as a whole
You gave such wonders on my poor spirit
As you found honesty of my hunger soul

I feel the soothing touch of your hands on my soft skin
I can hear the voices of the angels with me rejoicing
As I heard your silent whisper, I noticed my silent tears
Take me in your arms and let me the breath that you are taking

I feel like an ultimate woman with so much to share
I feel special as you crowned me in your heart as queen
As I teach your thirsty soul to love and to give in
I realized I am a significant gift who descend from heaven

I am grateful I now understand the essence of love
It is a divine joy that every human deserves to have
Wrap me by your wings and carry me where you dwell
My spirit so full that I have you in my dreams

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