Monday, July 11, 2011


I owe you the lovely words that i wrote from my heart
As if not of loving my heart has nothing to utter
It is just as empty as the lonely and silent air
Just like a blank dark space of the universe

But having you in my life colors the solitude of my night
A marvelous fire works under the evening stars it is like
We never mind our distance and the huge barrier
It paves our way to become more closer

You are the lovely music under my pillow at night
You are the sweet smile of my mystic heart so bright
Your touch and caress for me are perfectly right
They rejuvenate me and the heavy becomes light

You bring romantic blossom into my thoughts
You flourish our emotions and our dreams both
Feeding me with your love inspires my whole being
It gives me a stout and a healthy great feelings

If you were to ask me how do i define love
In my mind I couldn't take any answer to have
But just as simple as this is its only meaning
I will define love definitely only by your name

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