Friday, June 5, 2015


Last night I heard a voice
Mesmerising my  poor soul
Engulfed me in surprise
It was indeed powerful
There was a soul in that voice 
Conneting my spirit in truth
An intricate puzzle to solve
Inculcated into my thoughts
A voice sweet to hear
Was shedding my tears
Though distance not near
I feel it's still in my ears
I was like listening to a radio
I smile as we're talking through
Each of us has our own flaw
This voice has its  weakness too
Mould me to wish not just a bit
That voice will awake my senses
That will again uplift my spirit
A voice with such a pure kindess
Yes it's a voice desiring a light
And a voice that gives delight
It will remain in my thoughts
And I will treasure it most

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