Christmas eves..

Behind those smiles capturing the best of me, you looketh
There is  smile within my heart that cries from my depth
Behind my grateful heart depicted through my humble words
There is gratitude upon me more than my  soul abounds

And these sincere tears of mine to you now speaketh
The wonders of my heart during my  Christmas eves ..
How can I not be thankful to have my angels in a short distance?
How can I tell you my Christmas is truly such a blissful one?

Only a few know we're coming back and forth to the hospital
We're wrapped by  the graces and great chances of survival
We consider these are priceless gifts, showered upon us
The spirit of this yuletide season speaks us to merely trust

These rainy dawns of December glorifies, as we pray in joyful 
The little time I've got to touch your soul, made me thankful
My prayers for other friends define my own strength
As my heart is now filled with the message I truly felt

Christmas is not just only giving and receiving of gifts 
Enjoying the reunion and parties 
In the valleys and cities
It's embracing also our obstacles and incompleteness
An offer of our beautiful selves towards God's fullness

Our humanity is the best form of love, He seeketh
Go deeper into His undying glory this Christmas and always
We will shine like those elegant decors across the streets
These modest thoughts of mine drifted unto me as a splendid gift

Gives me glamour as it sprinkled my Christmas eves... 


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