Wednesday, January 11, 2017


She is in many thoughts. .

A woman with a proficient vision, who believes nothing is impossible, she drives her life and maneuver into the best direction yet sometimes she falls.

She doesn't mind difficulties along her way, she is not scared of a visiting storm, come what may.

She is brave. She is not afraid of challenges. With her aggressive courage, sometimes she stumbled yet  unravage.

Never she allows herself to get down for long, she will rise back and battled for more.

She loves without limit, and she never surrender love  until love itself losses it's own breath.

She is very committed, in standing her words she is more than good, she's proven in better and in worse.

She smiles with tears in her eyes. She has vigor even she is tired, she is curious what are the other tastes of life.

She winks to the demon's eyes. Yet, torch was thrown to her from the splendid skies. Alas! In darkness she became a light.

She is human, yet she knows control of the flapping of her wings when she flies,  she is a woman that even her flaws she never hides.

She is brave to tell the world, she has been saluted.. she has been followed as she carry her courage to speak the truth.

Her imperfections made her pure, her emptiness made her full, she embraced lessons of growth.

She gained faith from her mistakes. She became a woman of wisdom and strength, she is just such a blessed.

She wonderfully made her life as she traveled from East to West, she became matured as she aged.

Her eyes is full of passion,  her silent stare tells the sincerity of her emotion.

She is so valued by her friends dreaming to have her kind of strength that made her moving, she inclined to inspire more, she shared the battles she won.

She touched more hearts, there is hope as the days pass. She is now a reflection of beautiful angels, to whom she flocked with, soaring together..

So rise up beautiful ones, face the world like her. She dances like angel, walks like an amorous star in heaven, come be in!

She sprinkled glittering lights of gold...there is substance in her talk. She is a woman of hope..
She is in many thoughts.

Copyright@Helen Sarita, January 10, 2017

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