Monday, May 18, 2009


Let me be the angel that soars you in your dream
Let me be the sunshine in your eyes when you wake up in the morning
Let me be the full moon that gives you light in a beautiful evening
Let me be the single stem rose whose beauty makes you envying

Let our love be nourished and nurtured by time
Let it be cultivated by romance as it shines
Let it be spiced by caress and pruned by dreams
Let it be shaped and molded by strength

If those were my thoughts, they are wonderful and heartfelt
If those were my creations, they are moving and passionate
If those were my dreams they are everlasting and meaningful
If those come from my heart they are magical and irresistible

But those lovely words were real and pure
Its not just a thought, a dream or a creation
Those were from my the heart that really speaks to yours
Those were from my heart that breaths and dwells inside yours..

1 comment:

My Life Thinking said...

Sweet love words always attract me :)
thanks for sharing!