Tuesday, August 30, 2011


My spirit wanders at times when I'm alone
I want to tune in into my quiet throne
My thoughts start surfing the subject
Yet my mind would like to contradict

I wish to talk and touch about light
That flashes the darkness to bright
Or talk about sacrifices and downfalls
Where my tears stream like a clear falls

I love to talk about an immortal paradise
Where no more worries and obstacles arise
Just to listen the laughter of the angels
And dance with the sound of heavenly bells

I dream to talk about the mist of the ocean
The breezes that ceased and rushing beyond
The sound of a blaring wind that drifts my skin
And the whisper and smile of my heart that reign

I wish to talk about stars and the twilight
That blend my dreams to soar in a high flight
Joining with the birds singing on the trees top
Dancing with bliss that flows like a raindrop

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