Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I wonder where this joyfulness came at all
I shiver with the passion of my soul

I meditate.. simply bow and worship so glad
I savor the richness and bounty of Your love

Tears stream like radiance of a waterfalls so clear
God why You're so good to me and so dear

Do i deserve? It is quite more than a success
Couldn't be bought by so much pleased

I wish it will be experienced and felt by anyone too
Could they be able to tackle what I've went through?

Would they trust not by themselves but only You?
We are all gifted but would it lead our spirit grow?

I acknowledge my gifts were all fantastic
That include the tears that cleanse so great

Let's be grateful with tears to be with our journey
Since when we cry today tomorrow will be a joyful day

And now let me whisper into your ears
Joy is waiting behind your painful tears

Can you open your arms and let my spirit in?
Will you welcome my soul? Can we be friends?

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