Sunday, September 25, 2011


I never whined carrying things on my shoulder
One day i relish the results nearly further
It increases my well being acquiring power
I not myself I portray love and an inquirer

I can answer queries with my own opinion
About deep feeling and a wild emotion
When I walk through the isle, it depicts
There is a breeze that engulfed lot of spirits

I am not me I am the spirit so sheeny
Wanting to conquer our wicked soul humbly
My body is much weaker am not in dismay
The power within me will shape it tenderly

A highest level of consciousness I illustrate
It is so far from my level but it is for reach
It depends on the mission if for me to be vested
I will ride the flow and never take it for granted

I am just grateful with my surround beyond measure
I loved, I learned, I stumbled but one thing is sure
I molded and shaped with the spirit in cosmic
They welcome me as I am bringing my sweet magic

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