Sunday, September 11, 2011


My treasure with the gift of life engrosses
Humbly riding its flow raises the brightness
I can vividly see ample candid hearts in the air
I can feel the care and their tap on my shoulder

Thankful with the magically in awe atmosphere
That surrounds my being with a silent care
I embrace the universe I dwell, in a vast
Grateful even my existence doesn’t last

A warmth share with you the joy that I feel
In my every second, I fathom and thrill
I thank the breeze keeps me on moving
Pushing back and fort like this flower swing


Oldorchard01 said...

Your poems are just beautiful.........and the photos are breath taking............I love them.

Oldorchard01 said...

Your poems are just breath taking......and beautiful. I love all the photos.....very peaceful to look at. You are certainly a lucky woman to be so happy with your outlook......we should all be as lucky.