Thursday, November 27, 2014


We travel this far now Baby
Amazing to have this journey
With you always in my thought
In my heart a lesson being taught
In that valley with moving scenery
Splendid terrain overlooking the sea
In the park of our claimed Kingdom
We strolled to get rid our boredom
Those old trees became our witness
And the vivid grasses in a misty eve
The cats were in a hide and seek play
Chill & release the stress we'd in a day
It was all fresh past to reminisce
The worries of love in its nature pace
The cries of our imperfect situation
With perfect love it keeps moving on
Those were the days and this is now
With our sweet love we bend to bow
The screaming of our destined souls
No barrier to hinder we give our all
The essence of love we learned
Is even no way to have us at the end
But we both strongly believing in
We owned each our own heart within
That even the time won't favor us
In every beat of our hearts we trust
That even we couldn't utter a single word
The language of our love is much understood