Sunday, November 30, 2014


How did I walk through that path
It was not smooth it was rough
Burden was born by my side
To survive I delved...I thrived
I was a princess when I grew up
I was an apple of many hearts
I was given attention and care
That led me no way to dream
Yet life then twisted into a drastic
On my shoulder cross being etched
To suffer my own self I challenged
Confident things will all be mended
It's hard to carry weight on my back
I embraced as I see treasure and luck
Being abused for having a kind spirit
Mocked till I became greatly polished
Here I'm now a gem of confidence
In pebbles seldom to be mixed in
My glitters are now scrutinised much
My brilliance exquisitely giving a guts
I became a soul I became a spirit
My future is wonderful I sensed it
No more worries with my dreams
As of now it's fulfilled in every moment

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