This poem won gold

My children are my golden treasure...
bringing back my thoughts to my yesteryears
my story begins when I was a teenage mother ..
through breasfeeding I nurtured my first son
till no milk from me I could squeeze upon
I wished to feed him nutrients he essentially needs abound
I lacked to provide him, my world seemingly didn't go round
it bled my heart as my purse was thin and empty
windows were only covered by sacks that was how pity were we
and nothing could be found in every corner of our dinky shelter
even a tiny ashes of regrets couldn't be found in there bare it was.. it was representing me..
from there I just learnt to dream
though not for me but for them
I believe it's not late to create
a nest for my coming children
behind that huge mountain
I whispered my wishes for them
at night as i gazed up the skies
I asked the stars to guide
me in heading my way
I wished to be one of them
glittering and sparkling glee
yes it was never too late
to build my illusive dreams
I heard the whisper of the bees
carried by an optimistic breeze
there will be beautiful days coming ahead
..and I was motivated by those dreams..
I started to carry sack on my shoulder
I climbed mountains
I shouted "used clothing for sale!"
I made dough nuts though I wasn't good enough
house to house i was selling any stuff
just enough to have fare and offering for a Sunday mass
..and i started to pray so intense..
I dazzled myself to the city I know I could be more than me..
my potential was heavy..If they can do why can't me?
I grabbed opportunities knocking my door
I started to level up and learnt for more
I patiently carried my life
I embrace obstacles and strive love for my children was simply my inspiration..
they energized me behind my tiredness
I could afford to grin and bear behind difficulties
they were the reason why I have to go out rain or shine
as I could not stop dreaming even for a short while
yet life never stopped teasing me
tears were entwined in my way
below the belt I was being hit
my softness was abused by the wicked..
..for more.. i learnt life..
and I even learnt to write..
I worked hard without limit
in my work I poured my spirit
I gambled myself bravely to
the challenge of this world
my journey never been smooth
I tackled every inch of my worth
..yet I never whined ..
I continue to walk with faith..
come what may
though I fell and stumbled
It's arduous part of my path to cross..
It had to be that way..yet life was still good
..and like a mother eagle..
I ventured across the sea
I soared to the highest sky
rising to the great heights
storm befallen but i never been
ravaged by my undying courage
..another day another sunshine
to humanity I have to bind..
my guide is my daughter
watching me from heaven
In my womb also she suffered
the indescribable pain I have been
now she is the most amorous angel with her candid cheers
she shielded me with her wings.. I am fearless..
unafraid to venture my strength to this universe
nothing impossible in the heaven beneath.
now I savoured my own self
in every trial I never tilt..
until I could give them that mountain..
where I started to create my dreams..
..they are my treasure...
my golden treasure are my 5 loving children..
....6 including the one in heaven
they are preparing my exquisite crown
 as I am their endearing queen..


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