Susan Joyner-Stumpf..

If only a blank paper will do to show my truest feelings within.. I know it expresses more than ink splattered on a blank sheet of paper..
You can still read my heart as you were born quite and pretty smart that without  words you can feel me and even you close your eyes you can see me.

Susan.. I am truly sad..  Yes...I am
As you're not so very well nowadays.. I know you  see my tears though we are separated by the wide lands and seas..

That even without  saying a single word,  you can read me.. as it is not about my ink but my strongest desire wishing the happiness and wellness of your being.  No matter how I fill this blank paper I know it wouldn't still be enough to express to you my sincerest and truthful  heart wrapped with gratitude. You  moulded me to become who I am today.  You gave me a title " Mistress  of Words" I feel more than I deserved on this world..

Susan, your words are like magic of a silver spring cascading like a natures flow.. I earnestly  dreamt to be in your level of intelligence..  But you are the only One unique star I was always gazing through .. Priceless is your time  for your friends ..I wish I can be as selfless as you. I tried to write the way you do but my pen isn't as witty and as bright as yours.. 

Susan.. I wish that the spaces between my lines speak more than words can do.. I dream to paint a beautiful You with hues of a rainbow.. I dream to reach the skies and pick some tiny silvery stars to adorn you to have your face a glow as your  birthday is approaching.. please be reminded  that I am here always loving you..

But Susan, my prayers have power, so  yours and our friends' prayers too.  Our almighty God has its best for you..We are aware of..  We all know..

Cheers Susan! Let's celebrate the gift  of life... Let's party!
Deborah Brooks Langford and the rest of our friends are here to give you such a delightful birthday!

Happiest  birthday to you!!

Helen Sarita


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