My Sunday morning here exactly 4:44 AM and it is her Saturday  night.. Our time difference is not a hindrance to sing the lullaby of our hearts..

Hanging lullaby...
(with Deborah Brooks Langford)

My thoughts were enveloped by the continuous flowing spring of commitments with no end while life is still being lived and savoured by..
The unevitable worries and rushing of time are entwined with my days as they come to me and pass by..
As I flocked my strong wings from places to helped me to see things broad and wide ..I dream that the sun will stay and will always shine its bright and its beams are always by my side..
But the globe we're dwelling in is round, it rolls against time...I can't hold the luminous beams of light leaving me..yet the moon appears at night to comfort me with its calm crimson hue..
I saw the stars competing their glitters and some became my friends too..
They were smiling at me as I slumber at night dreaming once more what is best for tomorrow..
.. while the sunshine wanders to the other side of the universe and shares its bliss to those who were of sorrow..
Alas!.. This is not my main point of view.. This is only a facade of a magical intro.. Lend me now your ears and never ever trite listening to the music of my wishful being while I am strumming the cord of my thoughts .. delving my soul ....tuning in with the melodic symphony of my spirit as my ink starts to splash its own fantastic art..
...Whilst waiting for my life's Sweet Angel to fill and complete the hanging lullaby of my heart ...

Helen Sarita


Ahhh among the hanging lullabies lies a star filled lullaby
That awakens each soul to glorious days unfold
Yet our slumbers dwell in the fore front of yours
We know the truth and possibilities the excitement
Of a life full of soul, so rich with love

My mind ushered in the stardom the laughter
But the timing eludes us
Praying one more time our paths will cross.
Our inky words spread across so many hearts
Our honest heart's that makes us so inspiring ..
Making our simple aim to write for all to know the warmth and love for just a few moments in each busy day
To reach many hearts..
Vivid images I do broach
I hope and will describe
Words of wisdom I do declare..
Magical rainbows I do ride
With words to reach a simple body of hope.
I write of these lullabies
The love of special friends
Lost loves of twilights
To reach a new day new horizons so maybe it will not be so hard to find
If I could do anything, silly or funny I would want to dream the many lullabies of you...

 Deborah Brooks Langford @
All Rights Reserved by both Authors
November 4, 2017


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