Monday, November 16, 2009


I dream to hear the splendid sound of your presence
You teach my heart to speak with such a joy it feels
My spirit so high with great delights, full of wishes
The romantic breeze of the night as the seasons approach
Made me to love even only your shadow wanders my thoughts

I can imagine your stare to me so wonderful and caring
The kindness of your soul so much conquered my whole being
I smile with the pain I smile with this strange feeling
I smile while my tears flow, I savor the mystery it is giving
So hopeful for an idyllic moment to us patiently waiting

With so much love that soothes to our innermost sense
It’s magical, behind the weight of trials, to us it keeps
Let’s continue moving taking our steps to nowhere
Let us be brave, hold each other and believe on its power
Love is such a splendor thing that lasts forever

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