Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Tell me how does a lady look while she  blows her cigarette smoke.. does she look class or rude?

Some have many interpretations but whatever are these, for me the best thing is to respect

Some smoke to release tense and some were just influenced with their friends.

But this isn't  a main thing. I have also the calling.. I am here to save you from harm not to ruin 

Have ears to hear what am sayin'
I am just a good friend showing you my kindness and gentle care

One day somehow, you'll regret why you didn't listen. I  just want to save you from harm of nicotine..

As blaming yourself will never be in the beginning yet always be at the end 
..and I don't want this to happen

Just as I don't want to blame myself also why I didn't find a time to change you in my own little heartfelt way to say..

Please stop smoking my friend. .

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