Sunday, October 2, 2011


As I celebrated my precious gift of life so simply
My heart jumps with so much joy, overwhelmed cheerfully
Every time I received a post of birthday greetings
I felt like one of the stars at the sky sharing their glitters
Having awesome friends from near and across the globe
I felt exquisitely sparkling, enchanting like a real gold
Incurring ample touching greetings on that lovely moment
I felt like having the essence of a beautiful flower scent
The heartfelt greetings from the people near to my heart
Give me the magic, moving, passionate more than a blast
Reading the messages from my friends following my journey
I felt like a lovely woman entrancing them affectionately
As they expressed their thoughtful messages sharing their light
I felt like a butterfly after the rain so refreshing giving insight
When they said they love the smile from my deepest heart
I felt like one of the grapes blooms in bounty in the vineyard
I’m grateful with this fantastic life I will cherish it without dismay
Its imperfection portrays a wonderful art reflecting to you and me

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