Monday, July 28, 2014


Life is not a midnight snore of our deep sleeping
It is sometimes gasping an air of our breathing

Life is not as smooth and arranged as we want it to across
It is sometimes garbled in order to serve its purpose

Life is the hardest step that teaches us to dance
And yet it brings us as graceful as we become

Life is not all the time winning in order to acquire wisdom
It is our defeats that leave us wiser than our triumphs

Life is meaningless if it is as shallow as the river runs
Yet it is as meaningful if it is as deep as the silent ocean

Life is a flow of tears in a perpetual stumble and fall
To give us enough lessons to learn and make it more colorful

Life is worth living if we are brave to face its challenge
And it is as good if we accept its wonderful design God has given

Life is not measured in the numbers of breath we take
Rather in the numbers of time life left us breathless

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