Thursday, January 1, 2015

YEAR 2015

Let me encircle you with
The vibration of my soul
Great things to happen
To me.. ..and all

I can now see the angels
Rejoicing me in graceful
They're dancing ... singing
They're happy I'm grateful

Be friend with the universe
As it is blending within us
We are created by its raw
Be positive as it attracts us

Let's welcome another year
I can see more faces in glee
It's more fantastic I swear
Prosperous venture I foresee

 Light the glint within our core
Mold the passion of heart within
Sparkle like stars unreachable
Never tilt in a battle we'll win

Try to love life and believe
Life surely loves us in return
Let's smile and simply ignore
Those who want to put us down

Life is is much even a food
Meal of our soul, a passion thread in
A challenging journey we've to take
Year 2015 an awesome year to begin

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