Monday, January 12, 2015


Fathomed of asking myself why
Flickered unto me and rippling by
Yes why is my sweet question ever
Why forgetting you I could never
Now I started to smile and chill
My thoughts are with you I swear
Touch your face smell your scent
A lovely dream I cutely imagined
But why amid my lush thought
I wanna cry as we suffer both
Trying to hide this gnarled pain
Pretends we're alright yet vain
Unwanted situation we're victims
Hearts bleed both love in sublime
Now my tears welled in my eyes
My yearning heart silently cries
Our love runs like a ceasing river
Couldn't stop how much we smother
Why we have to feel this intensely
It tears both our hearts immensely
Another day passes by just blow
Another full moon to gaze through
Another waiting of a year to flow
Still asking myself why I love you so

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