Monday, January 19, 2015


When strength became weaken
Time made me frailty and futile
My days were seemingly dusky
Yet I know it is just temporary
Sometimes I was truly in flutter
In going I do not know to where
My heart derailed me in my journey
Towards my dreams I became clumsy
I couldn't conceal to hide this sorrow
A journey entwined with gloomy hue
I couldn't beguile you with my smiles
Glimpse my heart you'll see it cries
I embrace this amazing love art
A wondrous masterpiece of heart
All are we, you and me, her and him
Are battling in the realm of its name
In the name of human hearts desire
In a celestial love it should be aligned
It's balancing the other side of my coin
This pain allows my heart to strengthen
This pain gives me light to start again
This pains has its mystic power within
This pain draws me into a splendid calling
To be a light astoundingly transcending
Helen ~~~~((*_*))~~~~

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