Sunday, May 31, 2015


I can read between your lines 
In every space of your few words
I can read your wishful soul 
Still taking my heart in gentle
Talk to me as spring so clear
That falls in its astounding sheer
As the blissful water drops
Why you are controlling much
That mundane desire of your heart
Tell me and never be afraid
To accept you're also so much in bleed
As I can tell freely from my heart
I love you and no one can make me stop
And I will continue telling this to you
Wondrous emotion engraved my soul
As I enraptured you to my core
As we nurtured these to reminisce
Our wonderful past silently flourished

If I could just cut those memories
Like a film so that I have nothin'
to keep and to remember within
Unselfishly I wish.. for your sake
So that you can have your breath 
Without my love engulfing your spirit
But I can't. .
.....So let me be myself

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