Sunday, November 1, 2015


Collaboration Brooke Dylan, Helen Sarita, Caro Morphew @ November, 1 2015
The Hurt
In a run down life
Crumble for a moment
in a darkened room
Of chance
in a basement filed with rats
that stood on a table cloaked in darkness
lighted by the light of the moon
was the hurt...
Laying to be exposed for what it was….hurt~~
Brooke Dylan
I wrestled to fight this struggle
To maintain this aura of happiness
you were once adored me
But now I am left alone screaming
How and why you suddenly left me
Unprepared with all these miseries
And I could not blame to no one
But to the destined corner of my path
Paving me to this pain
How can I resist this turmoil.. am indeed hurt~~
Helen Sarita
It infiltrates every darkened,
shadowy crevice of my mind,
my soul bleeds as my thoughts replay,
unwinding like ribbons black ..
Streaming tears stain my cheeks,
eyelids close down, hiding the pain,
the searing remembrance of you~~
Caro Morphew

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