The Cold wind simmers..
it silently whispers to 
the approaching breeze 
of the green summer
It dazzles and whirls 
my thoughts onto my
inner childhood sceneries
when I was innocent 
yet observant in every 
inch of an obscure 
human behavioura
in my unriped mind 
I noticed different 
characters of mankind 
my innocent being 
just rolled in over
in very page of my 
life's densed chapter

I thought I was born  
all the way lucky and
All I knew I was loved
and protected and from
me they casted all the
harms out my way

my heart had and still has
no room for fear and hatred 
and in my tiny steps I faced no 
challege..I begun exploring 
as in this beautiful  earth
there are a lot to discover 

I found out in life isn't all 
the time to me favorable 
I knelt carrying the 
pains and my struggle 
I dreamt for  freedom 
but yet life wanted me to 
stay to acquire wisdom
to mold myself like a  
hard rock of toughness
and like a spring sharing 
it's beauty and calmness..

I listened my heart and 
followed it's beats but in my
destiny I  couldn't leave 
I couldn't simply cast those 
words i had committed
I stumbled looking for 
happiness and along
my journey I welled tears 

yet my inner child within
so sparkling exquisitely 
I forgive myself in every 
flaw I made in this world  of
imperfections and uncertainties
I forgive the people who 
cheated and smitten me
in this universe' intricate play
I became oblivion with the
unkind words thrown to me
and I possess no enemy
Behind the turmoil I shine 
in my life's wonderful design..

My inner child is my own
beautiful Angel within..
She tranquilizes me..
She gives me peace and harmony..


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