I open my heart merrily
and lovely rejoicing
I sense the mist of this
breezy morning..
A promising blissful days
I am now enjoying
Excites me now long time
I calmly waiting
I can see the light of the
skies slowly turning on
Blessings now starts to
drizzle..sprinkling down
What a lovely aroma of a
safe haven to live to
I pave my way to the side walk
of an endearing avenue
Oh how lovely the scenery
amusing on me
Turns my aura like the clouds
up the sky moving glee
My eyes widen by the ambiance
of its cherishing sensation
My purest smile manifested
from my deepest core
And my devotion of life
touches my fellow souls
Let's open our vision to a deeper
meaning of a real sanctuary
Where one can be taught and
be driven to a new pathway
To entrenched life according
to the lesson learnt day by day
We may cant make life
roll in a perfect motion
Yet trying to watch our every
step is under our control
Lessen the predicament
to face in our future
We may again unintentionally
slide or stumble once more
Yet we are surrounded by friends
to raise us in our every fall
When we have earth angels in form
of our pure heart friends
We can all create heaven in this
beautiful world we dwell in.


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