miss you...
All the while amid
my busy thoughts
so gently, you rippled
As I deviated myself
from this longing..
unknowingly, I scribbled
Without any reason
when your shadow
showed up through
my illutioning vision
crystal tears drops
from my sad eyes
without permission
Your sweet whispers
on those lovely moments
till now are ringing on my airs
Your touch depicted
all the messages that
your heart honestly feels
Your breath warmed
my cold skin during those
romantic evenings
I wished to deny this kind
of love beating continously 
inside my vulnerable heart
yet by the power of its magic
t is debilitating my strength
Now, I breathe your being
With the air I am taking
that no matter how much
I say no to an awesome you
my heart keeps saying yes
as this love cant quit over you
and no matter what
the good heaven unto me
is trying to entice..
Yet, only to you my heart
breathes to the fullest
this love that runs
through my veins is
still keeping me insane
I miss you....
Are these words enough
for you to understand
how intense is my longing?
I wish this pillow of mine
I am hugging right now
would be your chest to cry on..
if you were just here...
my tight embrace would
then tell you all somehow..
it speaks the feelings
I couldn't express by words
as you captured my heart
and invaded my soul
This is what mine heart bears
every line I uttered streams
down mine truthful tears
Terribly yes..
I am so much missing you


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