Sunday, March 27, 2016


As I looked outside throughout the window at my bedside
My thoughts were trying to deviate what my heart feels inside..

I checked my phone looking for anything unknown
I wished to skip and let my emotion lead to be blown

I entertain my soul to the melodies new to my ears
I smile though I know later my face will be wet by tears

Without words I know you can read my heart perfectly
By simply staring my eyes you know what I wished to say

Even in our distance I sense the warmth of your breath
And simply thinking on you made my spirit wildly raise

Yet not now isn't  the right time to think much as before
Not now is the day to follow both our hearts once more

As we behave kindly for the welfare not for ours alone
Let's be enough grateful as for now we both share along

..the  eloquence of  the stars and the brightest moon..

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