Saturday, March 12, 2016


In our blue midnight...

An old rose leaves
of this stunning tree
standing proudly
knowing with its
remarkable beauty
that reflects the
cool evening breeze
under the moonlight
gracing the amber
whisper of wind in
a crimson delight
of a blue evening skies
 manifesting the white
clouds unfolding
its artistic smile
in a perfect evening
that blends my heart
in a deep graciousness
with the fullest of gratitude
of this magical creation
A perfect night
scenery beholds
my eyes promulgated
the  awesomeness
of this world manifolding
vastness of God's
perfect craft .

I couldnt sleep
Yes.  couldnt I
until this perfect dawn
allows my hand to scribble
while watching the beauty
of my imagination as it manifested to the greatest depth of my soul..
to give a message is now
what my heart
is bursting..

We can be more
than the beauty
of this nature
upon having
the  wisdom
to explore our art. .
splashing  technique
colors into our  our lives our  blue midnight

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