Monday, March 21, 2016


Collaboration with Poet Peter Heerings

If you jump,  I will catch you
If you die, I will too
If you run , I will follow
If you sleep, I will dream

When  you travel , please come closer
When you swim , swim to me
When you dive , just be careful
When you fall, fall in love
It had better be with me

Warm me in my dreams
Cool me in the morning
Kiss me in the afternoon
And be my lover of darkness
- Peter

You awakened  my heart in its slumber, it jumped onto yours
Im sure if i die it's because  you're killing me with your words
If i would run, never to be far but to make myself closer to yours
When I sleep I want to build dreams with you by my side

When I travel I will be landing
to the portal of your soul
I can't swim but I can be like a wave ebbing to the shore
I can't dive but I am sure your heart could teach me how
As you see me shimmering through the evening lights

I will come to you to taste how you entice me the sweetness of your love
For me  to see if I could take you to the moon. to make me your own
- Helen

Helen Sarita & When caterpillars become butterflies

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