Scrolling down my Facebook page i can't find anything but a gesture of love and grace.

I see Author Deborah's beautiful photos
Just wonderfully  amazing she is
 I find love in her every angle
She's awesome and loving to us and all..

I see Author Susan's beautiful pictures
Her radiance beams light to the nature
such a wonderful soul seldom to be found,
She is so lovely and  just so wonderful..

Nitasu is her name , she is so beautiful and sweet  lady
She is busy showering love to  her fans night and day
she is  simply awesome in her way
I love her kindness  and generosity

 Zahra, her hidden soul speaks to her beauty
she is such a gorgeous lady admired by many
In her heart there are so much wonders within
When she writes, you found yourself tuning in

Her comes  Jolly,  she is adorable and moving
everyday she is glorious and shining
 she shares love through her brilliance
She lightens the world with her radiance..

Shamenaz is a lady quietly shining in glamour
She spreads love from her deepest  core
She  is true and sincere as a friend
She loves to share thoughts
from her well being..

Tracy is a simple, smart and a lovely  woman
She never asked anything  grand
she is deep and so humble
She stands with the beauty of her principle ..

Hamdia is a beautiful face from Upper Egypt
she dreams to be representing the Middle East
She is quiet simple as she behaves
Her possessed wisdom, to her country leads..

Sometimes I see Author Stacia around
Sharing the words of God, her heart abounds
she is  a wonderful soul wrapped by the grace of our Lord
A kind of her, lights the  whole world

Cecile is there too, she is a sincere woman,
She is a luminous creation who loves her own land
her  love for the people of her place is a center of her vision..
She is such a beautiful inspiration

I would like to find Ćärołiñë Mõrphêw
Her appearance lately seemingly just a few
I miss the truthfulness of her heart and soul
She loves without limit even sometimes she falls

Toni is my pretty friend from down under
That is how I often call to her
Her talents are greatly amazing
Her arts are exceptional and breathtaking..

I don't want to miss this smart Eden
She is so alive, happy and  friendly being
Her ink splashes magical words
So generous of appreciating on her friend's works.

Cindy Toth is just a new friend of mine
But I can feel  our souls,  truly bind
She is so wonderful and has very lovely image
Her gesture of love is such a kind message.

I am moved by these beautiful creations
I am just a reflection of the beauty of their souls.
We aren't  infallible women, yet we are passionate and true
We are the lights to those who are feeling blue

Our pens  are moving with deep emotion
dancing with melody of our sweet illusion ..
we all celebrate life vivid and strong
gracing the lands where we belong..

Now I am crying with tears
not anymore due to pains
These are tears of love..
The tears of a soul so glad..

This is a poem without an ending, to be continued anytime, anywhere
As for more souls, I am searching to be mentioned in here. .

(C) Helen Sarita 7th July, 2016


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