Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Forever thee..

To my friends near and far..

Thine scents are aroma of flowers in the garden of my dreams
Thine colours  delighted me as I walk  through the rain
Thy savoury blossoms decorated mine wandering thoughts
Forever thee, as thy dews refresh mine heart and mine soul both

To the one who dined in with my soul..

Thy fed mine heart  a wonderful gift to treasure
Thou lessons of life you taught me, I nurture
Mine every breath, thy love hath never forsaken
Loving mine heart whilst caring my soul, such overwhelming.

To the man who gave me his name..

I am forever thee for better and for worse..
I will never turn my back from you but close..
Though life teased us and it was never running smooth
Thine the one, many hath consider luckiest  in this world

To my children and theirs..

I have given you the honour, thine heart forever treasure
To thee, I will leave mine books depicting mine imperfections
Tears are alive that cleanse mine eyes this very time
Watch me how I make my life to the fullest I shine

..and to me and mine very passion

Forever thee, I am indeed so much grateful
Deborah Brooks Langford uplifted mine innermost soul
I believe nothing in this world is impossible
Mine broken pieces, were built back and are now reassembled

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