Sunday, July 10, 2016


dedicated to my girlfriend Helen Sarita I understand your pain,.

A Fool We Are Not

Ladies, we try with all our best
then we get a hurt reply
that makes us cry
the hurts that follow spins us around~

That day our star went out for good
nothing would be as it seemed or should
We awoke to a cloudy misty day
there was about to be hell to pay.
We went in to wake up our bright shining star
but they had left and went faraway to far
We remember to many details
our hearts still feels like it's going to fail.
We hurt so badly
everything is so very sadly~

Ladies, we must stay afloat
we must hold our heads up no matter how we hurt
the days will get better
so many of us, cry our hearts out~

A fool we are not,
we work so hard and play when we can
kissing heads of our loved ones
what else can we do but love~

Brooke Dylan @

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