Sunday, August 28, 2016


Remembering a friend in a Sunday morning..  I will surprise her again a visit one day!

Ma'am Benny this is for you.
Busy loving..

I am busy loving my family and my friends
Thanks God for this beautiful Sunday morning
I love the kisses and hugs from my grand children
I love talking with my faraway and nearby friends
I am sad when they are not so very well
I think of those I couldn't reach in here..
I wish to visit one friend and give her my sweet embrace
Especially that she is suffering now with illness
I think of the scene when I once visited in her home
I read to her my poems, I saw her face glowed from gloom
I have no idea how I touched her depressed spirit
She was so happy with my presence, she was uplifted
As I allowed her to read my poems' meaningful lines
She laughed and cried that had brought tears to my eyes
How I wish,  I could  give her so much of my precious time
So that I can wrap her my love with my kindest smile..

Copyright @Helen Sarita August 28, 2016

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