Stress free..

Life is entwined with various uncertainties of emotions
We have to bear carrying well in its moving direction
At times we feel sick, sad and so much alone
There are times we feel imcomplete and down.
Yet there are also times we are beckoned by challenges
We are being tested how pleasant we can carry difficulties
Some blow their weakness unmindful, so easily
Some  express their feelings in an unpleasant way
Why can't we not just embrace the pain within?
Yes I know it's hard and not just a cup of tea then
But when we have anger and flaring temper to burst
Why can't we just hum and sing not to make it worse?
Yes I know it isn't easy to control the wrath within
Yet in hurting others, do you think our hearts also aren't in pain?
We feel also sad and drowned as the day coming to its end
In rough times,  to the symphony of our souls let's try to listen
When silent tears wished to cascade and stream  down
Why can't we just tell ourselves at least my spirit had grown?
When we are alone and empty that no one cares to listen
Why can't we just be grateful with the air we breath in?
If we find disappointed with things that don't go our way
Why can't we tell our spirits , the best is heading to our pathway?
Come, be glad, sing like humming birds without little worries
They will be tired encroaching and testing our strengths
Let's embrace the tease of life and let's be a stress free
As gleeful hearts in the moving clouds, can fly so highly
We can talk with heavenly  angels to the skies as we afloat
We can kiss the whisper of the breezes with its healing soothe
And we can hear the hymns of the blaring wind across
Our life is short, let it be filled with spirit and be engrossed
Let us reach the horizons that speak to our innermost
Messaging us the wisdom we need,  to inspire this awesome world..

Copyright @ Helen Sarita, 8/14/2016


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