Saturday, August 27, 2016


Breathe with my name...
The poetic side of me was born in the land of the Southeast
under the brilliant star unseen in the afternoon mist
It splashes the scented aroma of my glittering ink
As you read between its lines,  it drizzles it's magic
It gives life to many hearts downed and so depressed...
In the Middle East it travels with the mystic wave
To my avid readers it is awaited in every week
Though innocent and naive, yet my pen shines with its own guts
It is brave, unafraid and to the criticisms, it hugs
I never matter to the swaying of my ink out of my pen
but the emotion to burst in my heart, gotten me insane
My poetic side is such a kind lovely, truthful  and unique
It gives a message as our souls speak and try to connect
Discovered in the West, heartily welcomed and embraced
Adored by some famous poets,
my poetic side is fearless,
I write full of confidence, it is precise, a humble instrument
My heart utters its sweet magic as it embraces your arts
It kisses my speaking heart  and believe mine own  jobs
A poetic side of me is never been alone in my silent calvary
It is a spring of my passionate emotions  and mystery
It is a flowing river of love that speaks from mine soul
It's the faithful ink of love that gently touches yours
It is a mystical blare and in the soft wind it ripples
It is a shout of my artistic and wondrous endowment
It will breathe with my Name and its remarkable legend.

Copyright @Helen Sarita, July  27, 2016

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