Monday, January 1, 2018


Welcome 2018!!

Listening to the pulse of my heart as year near to pass
Letting my thoughts to review what this year spoke to us
Moments always have its own ending,  never it will last
Whether life brought us good and even threw us bad
Life rolls like wheel, sometimes we cry and sometimes we laugh
As I drove my own life in patience, not all things came my way
I never thought sickness would even try to visit me
Yet I have no way to whine but thank God on His perfect  plan
This year is full ,  never I wasted my time as it moved upon
I continue to put life a meaning,  I took time to inspire some friends
I put tears  of joy on their eyes , they were  glad with my presence
I shared  them  stories to delight them even for a short  time
I chatted with friends,  near and far
I talked to them with substance
I love to give them a piece of advice  behind my difficult  times
I rest when I feel tired and work back again when I feel alright
This is my life, building  a strong foundation with myself and others
Gliding myself, moving forward, believing this world is full of wonders
Every person I meet  is a great opportunity for each
Every heartfelt word glorifies our Creator's fullness
The  wellspring of life is as powerful and  deep as our trust
That God will never be tired to depict unto us His undying  love
Every good single thought is a reflection of His kindness
Welcome 2018,  it is a such a  promising year, full of surprises
The blissfulness of this year  depends on how we start it by ourselves right

Helen Sarita
All rights reserved
(c) 1/1/18

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