Daniel Franklin and I have completed poem # 20. Our Book goal is 30 poems.. We are almost there😊.
He challenged me to write sad poem of love..and I told him.let's rain tears on this poem. I realized it is so good for the broken hearted ones.. We were using simple words yet the emotion we poured on here was so deep.. This is a very sad poem of love🔰

Love Gone Wrong

I loved you with all my heart
And my soul
You were so special to me
I would move mountains for you
And our pure love
Because you were the only woman for me
My True Love
My Soulmate
The only woman I ever loved
But, all of a sudden it went wrong
So cold
No more...
Where did we go wrong?
Why did we not stick together like glue to fix this?
The sun of love turned to bitter dark clouds
We were not the same
The love went so wrong
How could you be like this to me
Not trust me or give me a chance
I walk now with pain
Great pain in my heart
Great emptiness in my soul
I will never be the same
How could you cast this burden of a hurt on me
Why did you give up the years?
I will never know
Or understand
I miss your smile
Your eyes
your hair
Your sweet laugh
And surely your. "I love you."
I walk away now in great pain
A soul so empty and cold within...
Wondering daily why Love Went Wrong

Daniel Franklin - August 2018

You're asking me now why our love had gone wrong?
Have you ever realized I was tying my best to be strong?
Did you ever think I'd surrender our love just that easy?
Did you ever feel I was cold while waiting you to be with me?
I've tried to keep you in my life even tears were entwined in my way..
You caused me pains but why you put your blames on me?
Now you wished to cla
im I was the only one in your life
But why you're allowing doubts to play in my mind?
I rained tears of pains, my heart was aching so deeply
I sobbed when those pains were felt so intensely
When I feel I have no one to go I wanted you badly by my side
I needed your shoulder to cry on, dreaming to be with you in any moment of time
Many wish to break us apart, many were jealous with our love
But you allow them to laugh upon seeing me with broken heart
Where were you in the time that I wanted you to protect me, in time that I needed you most?
You we're taking me for granted,  you just didnt know the pain that you have caused..
I was weak, yes I was but I gathered strength from my broken pieces
I need to wake up from this game of love, in a way I could express
You realized you love me that much when I was no longer around
I embrace those pains, I have to make my way to make my life go round
We need to accept we cant force ourselves to make the destiny of our own
Our love left us sad and sweet memory, it was perfect but sigh.. it had gone wrong..

(c)Helen Sarita August, 2018


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