Sunday, October 18, 2009


I dream to have words..
That are sonatas to your ears
Music in your lonely world
Solace in time of your stress
Companion on your solitude

I hope to create words..
Forgetting your sad past
An answer to your questions
Stimulate your heart to love
And give you inspiration

I wish to create words..
Filling up your emptiness
Get rid the pain of your sacrifice
Avenue to your joy and happiness
And a stairway to your paradise

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

after reading your poem, i feel everthing stops and suddenly i though i was already in paradise!!!

But no, not just in paradise but i noticed that i dont want to go there without you hehehhe....

kala ko ikaw lang ang maganda pati pala ang kaloob-looban ng iyong pagkatao na lumalabas sa pamamagitan ng iyong mga tula....

how i wish i can compose poems again hmmm