Thursday, October 22, 2009


I write when I like my words to care
Like a consoling hand on your shoulder

When I get tense of the days ahead
And I want my soul and mind to escape

When I have a roller coaster emotion
That suddenly goes up, suddenly goes down

I write not just on my peaceful bed
But even when I'm on board in a noisy ship

I write when i want to shout the whole world
And spread my words across the globe

I write to express my immense gratification
And share my creations to all nations

I write when I like to convey gratitude to my friends
Who look up not only to my weaknesses but my worthiness

Not only when the sky studded with stars and moon
I write even my dark night is blue and is in gloom

And amid my busy mind and lazy hands
I write when my spirit commands

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A message from the heart and the soul. Someone who write from the inner self and is sure of her connection to her thoughts.