Sunday, October 11, 2009


You just don't know that...

I smile as if my heart does not cries so much in pain
I stand firmed as if I'm not almost breaking into pieces
I stay cool as if my life is smooth and no worries at all
I laugh out loud as if not shouldering heaviness of my world

You might think...

I look so strong yet I am fragile and vulnerable
I look brave but the truth I am also so much scared
I am full of strength yet I want to surrender life
I have a deep faith but I'm afraid i couldn't survive

Yet as I talk to Him...

Courage flickered across my shaken faith and strength
To continue my long journey though storm teased my way
I have to walk on my cloudy path and keep myself moving on
Till the heaven allows me to touch the smoke of the horizon


Robert Davies said...

Tear's behind the smiles. Hurt behind the love.

Helen Sarita said...

So much😊

Helen Sarita said...

So much😊