Sunday, March 14, 2010


My arduous journey of a life time
Having no choice or the right to refuse
I was born to live and love for this mission
It’s sometimes so heavy yet full of adventure

In this journey I have no way of turning back
I have to move going on and search my luck
As things get hard on this tough situation I face
It’s just a sign that I am now in a tunnel of success

One day I will wake up reminiscing wonderful memories
Wonderful experiences of pains molded by its magical spices
I see myself smiling with things I remember from my past
The sweats of tense and things which were good and bad

I can see myself thanking even to the dark moon in my night
I thank the tears that cleansed my lens for me to look bright
I thank those unfaithful friends leaving me a great lesson
And I thank the tease of life visiting me for a good reason

I have learned a lot what life teaches me in this journey
To humble myself, to be grateful in all things and be merry
The measurement of success is the joy of heart not the wealth
The best thing is to smile with the pain and have no regrets

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