Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Good bye as you can never see my smile
I’ll be away not just for a little while
You will be wrapped with beautiful memories
You will be much missing all my mysteries

Good bye as you will be thinking the days you wasted
You might just think I’ll be here forever and never leave
Waiting to kiss even the presence of your breeze
You failed me and I will go away in peace

Good bye as you will be missing me all throughout
The laughter of our souls and the sharing of our thoughts
I have embraced and wandered with your cool spirit
It was so amazing, wonderful and so great

Good bye as you can never smell my shadow
I have to make a sudden change out of the blue
Enfolded by dismay I need not to led astray
Feeding my soul I have to find my way

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Madam, nice poem...there will never be goodbies... :) we must be strong all the are a strong woman with a good soul, God will be with you, no goodbies... :)