Monday, January 2, 2012


Do i need to thank you?

For sinking me into the deep ocean?
For drowning me so harshly beyond
Yet things made me still smile genuinely
It never gave a tilt of my being me

That I able to measure my friends sincerity
I can feel their passionate and tight hugs on me
More than they ever had..i can feel their so much love
They kissed me..they gazed my eyes,listened to my heart

They congratulate my my unique way I shined
As they see clearly my soul..they saved and saluted me
Sharing me beautiful thoughts..they love my humanity
They love my braveness to face the my humility

I thank the foundation built through pains and trust
The furious wind wishing to damage it..wont last
I see the colors everywhere I bring my sight
I will make my coming days always better and right

I am not an enemy but a lovely soul speaking yours
Listen to my soft whisper and so listen to your soul
I wish you all the best, I'll go on mine with a smile
I wish time will heal your pain that I caused for a while

i am sorry.. but i need to dearly thank you

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